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  • Atatürk Cd. No:37 Bodrum Turkey 48400

  • +90.555.305.32.93




  1. From the main bus station.

    When exiting the bus station, turn right at the tourist information booth. Follow this road (Neyzen Tevfık Cad.) for around 150 meters. Turn left into Ataturk Cad. and continue walking for a further 200 meters. We are number 37 on the left side of the road. There is also a map outside the information booth at the bus station.

  2. From the ferry terminal – From Kos – Greek Vessel

    (You will exit the ferry terminal at the marina, and be right next to the castle). Exit the Ferry Terminal and follow the marina around to your left keeping the water to your left. When you pass the entrance to the castle, after 50 meters you will come to a square. You need to turn right here and go up the small shopping street at the side of the mosque. Then just keep going straight and you will go through another square, after 250 meters you will come to an end where you can see the beach and sea to your right. You take a left here up Adliye Street and follow it to the top. Look directly across the street and you will see Bodrum Backpacker.

  3. From the main international Ferry Terminal (from Kos) (700m walk):

    Walk along the waterfront towards the castle, you should pass a row of bars and restaurants on your right. After the beach to your left disappears behind the shops, take the second street on your right (Adliye sok.). When Adliye sok. Intersects a road, you will see us directly in front of you – the ‘Backpackers is up stairs. From the ferry terminal inside Bodrum harbor you walk towards the castle and pass the main entrance. After this you will see a square with a mosque to your right and you need to turn right up the shopping street next to the mosque. Just follow this for 500 meters straight on until you see the beach on your right and there you need to turn left. After this you will come to the intersection with Ataturk street and we are there straight in front of you.